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Dear Space members, 

I hope this message finds you all in good health and you all enjoyed a good Indian summer and (under the given circumstances) you are able to savour the last warming sun beams before autumn and winter will cut down our day light.

I think we all were living in the hope that things would be different by now – but they are not and as it looks they will not be in the near future. For me that is a clear sign that we really have to start coping with this pandemia in a constructive way and turn the unavoidable changes in our work lives into fruitful strategies – we might need them again.

It is cumbersome to teach students without seeing them face to face – we need to look into their faces to receive tacit feedback. It is cumbersome to wear the mask in the office every time you talk to your colleagues. It is cumbersome to …. The list is endless. But let us keep our spirits up and turn this pandemic into something creative internalizing the forced changes. Eventually, we will see and benefit from another view point (as always).

We do not have much of a choice – that is true – but I am sure it is good for our own well-being and we need this strength to be good examples for the ones we are teaching because they lack experience with crises due to young age. They see their future at stake and it worries them.

The SPACE network is a good opportunity to share your new strategies and start interesting discussions amongst the members.
Stay healthy and keep in touch!

Your SPACE Vice President
Elke Kitzelmann

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SPACE network offers a set of webinars

The second one , presented by Professor Anamarie Van den dries, will take place on the 16th of December at 3:00 pm Brussels time 

"How to write an EU project à la Erasmus+" 

In this webinar, participants will know some of the expected main novelties in the Erasmus+2021-2027 program.  When preparing a project proposal, participants will be better prepared to submit an application

The webinars are released in cooperation with MAERA

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Events    A set of WEBINARS

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SPACE network offers a set of webinars

All teachers, staff of SPACE members and individuals can join these webinars just by registration. Webinar 1: "How to increase the possibility to have a European project funded - some tips" 24th of November 2020 - 6 pm Brussels time - Anabela Mesquita Webinar 2: "How...