The Polytechnic institute of Guarda, Portugal announced that the 31rst SPACE Conference from 23rd till 24rd of April 2020 and the International Week at IPG will be cancelled due to the Covid 19.

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The REGISTRATION is closed NOW ! Registered persons will be refund entirely.

SPACE network will start with a set of webinars in June. Subjects: problems with on line teaching and evaluation, organisational changes at universities,....

The link to the videos of the webinars ponsored by SPACE, EAPRIL and MAERA. that were produced last year is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCigRtqtdpR-jwfaKqoWAhEg. 



Knowledge sharing and peer reviews with academics and researchers


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“How Things Change With Chaos”

In this Covid-19 time, it is allways interesting to coop with chaos In this article HOW TO MANAGE THE COVID 19 PANDEMIC? you will find the new insights of the the 2 experts "dealing with chaos" (See members area/interesting things/today) In another video professor...

JAHE 2020

Dear all, The SPACE Journal "Advances in HE" is available on our website under Publications. Thanks Mrs. Teresa Paiva (IPG) for all your efforts. The SPACE board