Dear Space members, 

Dear …
It has certainly been a while since we emailed you.

Our SPACE network was unable to celebrate its 30th anniversary due to Covid -19
We will do this extensively, in the beautiful city of Salamanca.
We'll make it a wonderful week, fully paid for by SPACE.
One Conference day and one AGM, and a full cultural and social programme will be organized. The network has provided answers, carried out new projects, and provided new insights and methods, during more than 30 years.

We have always been an organization that strived to promote and innovate higher education institutions and we have succeeded thanks to you.
And this is precisely the reason to invite you and possibly your partner to this last event. Your past contributions have given the current board the opportunity to give something back in appreciation of what you have done for SPACE network.
So, meeting you in Salamanca, Unesco World Heritage city in Spain, from 3th till 8th of April 2022 would please us immensely. The event is organized for sure to cherish the moments we had together during the 30 amazing years of SPACE journey.


The SPACE network is a good opportunity to share your new strategies and start interesting discussions among the members.
Stay healthy and keep in touch!

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The first webinar took place on Friday the 12th of November 2021 at 5:30 pm Brussels time
Subject: ERASMUS Autumn 2021 -
"What to do after a negative message from NA or EACEA about a project introduced in May 2021?"
Annemie wanted to provide new insights, the do’s and don'ts for submitting new EU subsidized project proposals.

Picture Anemie

Events    A set of WEBINARS

Knowledge sharing and peer reviews with academics and researchers


Salamanca, 3-8 April 2022

EU projects call

Dear all, The new call for EU projects has been launched https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/82452599837?pwd=Wm95bGlFRUt5RmNxSGhWUjdQS0l2QT09...

Salamanca Event

Dear member, Please pay your full attention to the following: As a delayed celebration of the 30° anniversary of our network, the board organize a 5 day trip to Salamanca. Block the week from the 3th till the 8th of April 2022 in your agenda. We will plan a very nice...