We thank you for your positive participation in our annual SPACE Conference, which was very well organized by The Eastern Macedonia & Trace Institute of Technology, in Kavala (Greece). The theme of the Conference, Digital transformation: challenges for work and education, has been worked out in a direct  excellent way by Ingo Gächter, Bruno Bevernaegie, Mirko Ahonen and Mikael Forsström .

We like to invite you for our next activity: the autumn SPACE project meeting.

New  ideas, new trends, new possible project applications will be discussed. Viniaus Kolegija invites you all;

The exact dates of this meeting  will be announced soon.


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Best regards,

The SPACE network board


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  Dear all The Conference in Kavala was a success. Very well organized by the Technical Institute of East Macedonia and Thrace. In a direct way, the participants have been confronted with the challenges and possible impact of the digital transformation on education....