We are one of 22 university colleges (‘hogescholen’) in Flanders. University College Ghent has more than 14,000 students, ca. 1,800 staff members. This critical mass allows us to offer additional services and opportunities, such as professional units for communication, culture and internationalisation. We are particularly proud to have the widest range of subjects on offer, in fact almost anything from the fine arts to education and from management to technology.
We are located in Ghent, the largest student town (roughly 65,000 students) where you can also find the second largest university (Ghent University, 32,000 students). Together, Ghent University and the University college Ghent make up for 75 % of all students in Ghent.
Although University College Ghent already had a strong research tradition in some areas and boasted a number of research groups of international excellence, the number of researchers at University College Ghent has been increasing ever since the Bologna Declaration and the start of the academisation process. Currently, nearly 171 researchers are actively involved in more than 97 research projects.

Country: Belgium
City: GENT
Website: http://fbo.hogent.be/faculteit/english
Liason officer(s): Geert BAEKELANDT