EAPRIL (European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning)


EAPRIL (European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning) is a Europe-based, international, interactive community of practice-based and practitioner researchers in the field of education, professional and organisational learning, and others who are interested in learning and development.

More specifically, EAPRIL aims to bridge educational research and practice, and endeavours to broaden the impact of practice-oriented and applied educational research on the educational practice and policy. This is stimulated via the annual EAPRIL Conference (last week of November), special interest groups (i.e. clouds) with their own activities, and publications.

The association encompasses all contexts where people learn, e.g. schools of various educational levels, general, vocational and professional education; organisations and corporations, and this across fields, such as teacher education, engineering, medicine, nursing, food, agriculture, nature, business, languages, … All levels, i.e. individual, group, organisation and context, are taken into account. www.eapril.org

Country: Belgium
City: Leuven
Website: https://eapril.org
Liason officer(s): Inneke Berghmans