Interesting Composium- DON State University -Rostov on Don

Scientific-practical symposium on the influence of the unconscious on psychology will bring together scientists from all over the world


7-9 October, an international scientific and practical symposium “Unconscious in the spiritual life of man: a retrospective and perspective of research in psychology, philosophy and pedagogy” will be held in DSTU. Scientists from Russia, Georgia, Switzerland, USA, Netherlands and Germany will take part in it.


The event is dedicated to the memory of Georgian psychologist and philosopher Dmitry Uznadze (1886-1950), who initiated the research of the unconscious in Soviet psychology.

During the symposium, topical scientific and practical questions on influence of the unconscious on psychology, psychotherapy, philosophy and pedagogy will be touched upon:

– the problem of the unconscious and its influence on man and the psychology of meaning;

– the past and present psychology of the unconscious and psychoanalysis;

– the influence of the unconscious on modern scientific and pedagogical discourse, the problems of in-depth training and learning using neural networks;

– the problems of modern hospital and social pedagogy and many other topical issues of unconscious processes.


Invited Speakers of the Symposium:

  1. Alexander Asmolov – Academician of the Russian Academy of Education, Vice-President of the Russian Psychological Society;
  2. Dmitry Ushakov – Director of the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  3. Sabine Riehebacher – psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, teacher at the University of Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland);
  4. Marina Bluwstein – Dean of the Faculty of Adlerian Studies at the Alfred Adler High School (Minneapolis, USA);
  5. Martin Schroeders – Clinical Hospital of Nijmegen (the Netherlands);
  6. Katharina Neumann – University of Hamburg (Germany).


At the opening of the event it will be possible to watch intellectual Georgian cinema and talk with the film director, vice-president of the Photojournalism and Cinematographers Association of Georgia Tengiz Malania.


To participate in the symposium are invited:

– specialists of various profiles (psychologists, psychotherapists, teachers, sociologists, philosophers);

– employees of educational and research institutions;

– young scientists, leading scientific research in the field of psychology, pedagogy and philosophy.


The address of the symposium: Rostov-on-Don,  Gagarin sq, 1, Don State Technical University.


Preliminary registration on ph. (863) 238-13-56.