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Conference 2018 Kolding Special guests


We are very happy to inform you that our 2018 Conference will be an extraordinary one, with special activities and special guests!


The Management, Accounting and Education Research Association (MAERA) will join us as well as the European Association for Practitioner Research and Improving Learning (EAPRIL) !



Knowledge sharing and peer reviews with academics and researchers


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Dear colleagues, Please, inform your colleague/teaching staff and your students in Entrepreneurship about this unique opportunity in the Alps! We would be pleased, to welcome you...

Dear SPACE members

Here we are, at the dawn of a New Year, which I hope will be aTruly Happy New Year. May this happiness be found in the inner peace, in health, in prosperity and successful ideas and projects. It is usual to analyse the Old Year and make decisions and formulate wishes for the New Year. When looking back, in the Old Year, SPACE entailed a series of dialogues with other entities, associations and even networks aiming to build bridges with them. So SPACE network can offer more services and added value to its members. We also organized a conference with proceedings and published a new volume of the Journal of Advances in Higher Education. Another meeting to discuss ideas for projects and find partners was also organized. This was an opportunity to meet new and potential partners for projects. The idea to publish 2 issues per year of our journal is also there. We hope 2018 is the first year where the first regular issue will be published, meaning that our effort will go to publish a special issue with the papers of the conference and a regular issue with other kind of contributions.

Looking forward, my wishes go to a successful Year, with new and different projects, where all members participate, new and different projects where “cooperation is the motto unifying us all. A Year  in which SPACE gets actively involved in other partnerships and networks with the help of all its members. A Year  in which all members see a little bit of themselves in each and every activity, giving voice to the motto “We all are SPACE network”.

Dear SPACE members, I hope this is our Year, meaning the Year of everybody. An inspiring Year where happiness is the energy that brings us together making this World a better one.

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Anabela Mesquita

Vice Dean

President of SPACE Network  http://www.space-network.org/
International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction