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The fourth  webinar took place in March 2021 and has been presented by Paulino Silva, president of MAERA, and Michael Forsström, senior lecturer in Digital Marketing at Arcada UAS: ” Engaging students in a flipped classroom” – 5 pm Brussels time (6 pm Hki time) – This webinar, presented by Paulino and Mikael showed their experience from different tools and methods when engaging students in online classes.
The PPP is available in TEAMS SPACE member area and on our website past event-webinars.

Are you still  interested in the Webinar , presented on the 13th of January ” How to Start Writing a European Education Project? ” organized by SPACE network and MAERA?.  Please go to past events-abstracts, the ppp is available. 

The PPP  of our second webinar “How to start writing a European Education project” strong>, presented by our project manager Annemie Van den dries, is now  available in our members access area and on our website (events-past events-webinars).  You can download the recording
https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/rec/share/6P0HwWniYSBfyu9TSkKTrL-4CWue4gXLD8IdmWuTc0uAa7iTwfS8gGOIAAxO65uk.kDkFViNbGT0-aGSg (Access Password: #19gpA1S) The recording of the webinar will be deleted after 20 days.
To avoid losing your recording, download it to EDUCAST. Find out how here.

The third webinar took place on the 24th of February 2021 ( 6 pm Brussels time) and was presented by Teresa Paivi : ” Problem based learning: a way to critical thinking learning goal 72 participants!

If you are  interested in our  Webinars ,organized by SPACE network and MAERA , please inform us e by sending a mail to our president Anabela Mesquita (abmesquita@gmail.com )You will receive for every webinar the needed link to participate.

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