Don State Technical University


Don State Technical University is one of the country’s biggest and fast developing academic institutions.

We implement the lifelong learning strategy that enables students of various ages and professional backgrounds to find educational programme that will cover their needs. We are a research-intensive university and one of the country’s leading academic institutions in many fields of study. Our successes are acknowledged both on the Russian and international levels.

Many levels of study are covered at Don State Technical University including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Our courses help students to develop critical thinking and independent competences that are essential for future managers and decision makers. Our lecturers are leaders in their fields and offer the chance to learn about world-changing research as it happens. We are a forward-thinking institution offering innovative programmes that enable our graduates to succeed in the rapidly changing global economy; we successfully create opportunities for international exchange with foreign institutions for both students and academic staff.

At the moment there are over 46 000 students doing their Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD and MBA studies at our university. Every year more than 1000 students from 58 countries of the world come to DSTU to get their start to a successful future as professionals.

Being one of leading Russian universities providing business studies for sustainable regional development, DSTU involves the best national and international experts in order to give the opportunity to hear from and meet some incredibly successful people from a range of industrial and business sectors. The university offers a range of programmes including MBA and MPA with stimulating learning environment that is flexible enough to reflect emerging commercial interests.

Creation of university-enterprise cooperation networks is of paramount importance at Don State Technical University, therefore a range of facilities supporting the model implementation has been set up and running, including DSTU industrial co-working centre “Garaж” offering one-stop services for students, researchers and inventors.

Another support tool for the university-enterprise model implementation is DSTU Centre for Technology Transfer is aimed at providing legal support and further transfer of scientific research results with good commercial potential to enterprises interested in project commercialization. Nowadays Technology Transfer is the main promotion method for innovations.

DSTU Congress-hall hosts 1500 seats concert hall, multimedia laboratories, conference rooms and offers a wide range of facilities and services to make it a hub for the main MICE activities in the region.

DSTU campus also has a range of services and facilities such as swimming pool and athletic arena, the gyms, conference facilities, library services, career advice services and even the pavilion for filming outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment.

Country: Russian Federation
City: Rostov-on-Don
Liason officer(s): Svetlana Shvedova