Call for papers also open for students who do not belong to SPACE network institutions

Dear students
Belonging to a network where you can find people with similar interests and facing the same challenges is extremely important as this group acts as a support. It allows sharing your doubts and fears without judgement, helping you to grow. Moreover, being a students implies to make public presentations of your work and being assesses by your peers. It is important, throughout your academic life, to have such an experience. It is important to learn how to prepare the results of your research and present them, whether in a written or oral format. This is exactly what SPACE network provides to you – the opportunity to network, to meet other people with the same interests and presenting your work and obtaining your first international experience.
To contribute to this goal, SPACE network decided, this year to accept papers submitted by students who do not belong to SPACE network institutions. Don’t miss this opportunity and join this community.
Please submit your work using the link
We are waiting for you.