The possibility for students and young employees to sit and pass European exams validated by SPACE. The SPACE European Diplomas and Certificates undoubtedly highlight the « employability » of the candidates, their flexibility as well as their professional competences and skills.

The EuroBusiness Diploma, providing proof of international competence in business subjects.

The Eurolanguages Diploma, certifying a fluency in at least two European languages other than the native language, the abilities in the field of cross-cultural awareness and a better understanding of the European Union.

The Eurotourism Diploma, giving students at member institutions an “added value” in particular through the work placement opportunities abroad.

The Eurocertificate, providing proof of international communication and professional skills.

No additional fee is to be paid to SPACE !

At present SPACE is offering the following online courses:

1.  European Studies, an introduction course on undergraduate level (Bachelor) for business students and students in economics. The course consists of 10 units.

2.  European Studies, an introduction course on undergraduate level (Bachelor) for language students and students in hotel management and tourism. The course consists of 10 units.

3. Intercultural Communication, a blended online course on undergraduate level (Bachelor) AND graduate level (Master) for both language and business students. 
The course is developed with support from the European Commission and covers currently 29 European countries.

4.  International Strategic Management, this course is meant for business students in general. The course consists of 10 units.

5. Intercultural Communication (ICC) Training Tools for Entrepreneurs

These online courses are free for SPACE members and available on the SPACE Chamillo platform.

As our motto is Learning-by-Sharing, we constantly look for common denominators for European joint degrees.  We look for:

  • three or more participating institutions in two or more countries;
  • a joint study programme confirmed in a written agreement between the institutions;
  • the requirement of student and staff mobility;
  • linguistic diversity;
  • a European dimension.

In development :

Consortium European Master of Professional Communication

Mobility is a priority of the educational aims of the European Union.

The goals we have set in the Mobility area are:

  • To be a platform of information on new European mobility programmes.
  • To offer a forum for initiating mobility projects between SPACE partners not only for student but also for teacher mobility.
  • To offer a platform for work placement opportunities to students at SPACE member institutions.
  • To prepare both students and teachers for the stay abroad via on-line modules.

There are two main communication and cooperation channels available.

  1. The SPACE website not only aims at the general public to offer general information on Space for those interested but is also an  important tool for SPACE members:
  2. The SPACE electronic learning platform which is only accessible to members:

    This open source platform can be used by our members as an information and exchange platform.

As academics we not only disseminate knowledge, but also create knowledge through research. Within SPACE it is our priority to stimulate research collaboration and networking in funded research and joint publications of basic academic research.

The SPACE Annual International Conferences are organized as a peer-reviewed research fora where academics and researchers present their research work in a number of areas related to innovation and applied research in education.

Joining/Collaborating with other Associations and Networks of HEIs offers a larger platform of research and dissemination and facilitates the finding (and funding) of joint research projects.

SPACE is often asked for its expertise to participate as a partner in projects. The main expertise lies in the field of European Studies/Intercultural Communication and in the field of  e-learning.

Moreover, a number of SPACE member organisations organise intensive programmes and mobility programmes (Leonardo and Socrates) with other SPACE members.

Maintaining close links with the business community provides many additional mutual benefits:

  • creating a database system (at the local and/or European level) for employment opportunities for graduates,
  • conducting research projects,
  • offering consultancy and training courses,
  • providing material for case studies,
  • business leaders serving as mentors for students for their theses or entrepreneurship projects.

These and many other initiatives contribute to bridging the gap that currently exists between schools and enterprises.

Learn more about our present business partners

SPACE organizes one important networking event once a year, always hosted at a SPACE member Institution:

The  Annual Plenary Meeting and Conference (in Spring)

  • The General Assembly meets in its Annual General Meeting
  • The Professional Sections are meeting
  • The Conference, which is organized as a peer-reviewed research forum with time for research papers but also for examples of good practice .