Vacancies Editorial Board JAHE

Dear SPACE Network colleagues,

For our Journal of Advances in Higher Education, an open access journal of SPACE Network, we are looking for people who want to join the Editorial Board.

The journal pursues the goal of being a vehicle of knowledge transfer of scientific, academic and applied research. Its aim is to provide a forum for teachers, researchers and practitioners to advance the knowledge and practice of all facets of education in higher education, predominantly in the fields of management, business, entrepreneurship, education, tourism, hospitality, communication and languages for specific purposes. This journal accepts works focused on theories, technologies, applications, challenges, practices, cases, examples of good practices. We also encourage the submission of contributions from junior researchers such as master and PhD students as well as cases from teachers and practitioners.

Upon submission, you will receive one or more article(s) for your review and evaluation of their potential for publication. An evaluation form will be used to record your comments regarding the work(s). Your comments will be shared with the author(s), so your constructive and candid comments are appreciated. Your thoroughness and detail will both assist the author(s) in improving and revising their submission(s) and will ultimately lead to a publication of the highest quality. We do not expect you to review more than 3 papers per year. If you join the team your name will be listed in the Scientific Committee of the Journal.

We believe that your participation in the review process will contribute to strengthening the scientific research quality of this publication.

Please contact Teresa Paiva, Editor-in-Chief if you are interested in being part of the Scientific Committee of our journal or if you have any questions.